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About Us

Who We Are:

Metal on Merseyside is an ongoing project which examines the heavy rock and metal music scenes within the Liverpool city region, including areas such as St Helens and Wirral.

The project is based upon academic research at Liverpool John Moores University in partnership with a network of key local music industry practitioners.

Metal on Merseyside focuses on a range of aspects and issues. These include:

  • Critically examining historical development and metal music’s relationship to Liverpool’s heritage narratives;

  • Examining peoples’ understandings of how rock and metal scenes connect with place, community and locality;

  • Reflecting on the kinds of work involved with creating and sustaining music production and events

Our Mission Statement:

Alongside its research agenda, Metal on Merseyside seeks to:

  • Promote, preserve, and protect heavy rock and metal music in the Merseyside area

  • Raise awareness of the value that heavy rock and metal music production have for the region’s economy

  • Support new music and existing artists alongside protecting established venues and creative spaces whilst encouraging and fostering new venues

  • Curate the documentation and multimedia content of different heavy rock and metal scenes, including their commentary and history

  • Work with artists to generate all musical forms, from recording to live performance, as well as crew and touring personnel who work within and from the area

  •  Welcome artists from outside the region and encourage visiting musicians to be the first choice for their tour cycles

  • Engage with local, national and global cultural policies and debates, as well as connect with relevant stakeholders in order to appreciate future challenges and opportunities for Merseyside’s heavy rock and metal scenes

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